Why Study In Turkey?

ephesus2There are several reasons why each year students not only from Europe and the United States but also from Asia, Middle East, Africa and Russia choose to study in Turkey:

Culture: You can find the bits of the Ottoman, Roman, Greek, Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, etc. cultures in different places of Turkey. While people living in big cities are open to diversity, those  living in small towns are very friendly and generous. The climate, the nature, the history and culture vary from one city, even from one village to the other. There is so much to do, from skiing to swimming, taking cultural tours, enjoying the crazy crowd in big cities or mix with the locals in small towns. Pick one or all. 

Living Costs: The costs of living in Turkey are fairly low compared to the quality of life. Even in big cities like Istanbul, you can find affordable food and accommodation. The state/public universities have reasonable fees, and the private ones have lower fees compared to those in Europe and the United States. 

Education and Research: Turkey boasts many centuries of academic excellence. The scholars are not just qualified but they are also friendly and accessible. Most high schools and universities have advanced facilities. Regarding its content, the Turkish university system displays an equilibrium between scientific disciplines included in the social sciences and humanities.

happy-studentsExperience: Living and studying in Turkey allows you to obtain an experience that cannot be found in any book. It gives you the opportunity to observe a different culture therefore broadening your world view. It opens you the doors of a richer professional, social and academic life. 

Location: Turkey is a hub between Europe and Asia, Africa and Russia, Middle East and the Balkans, positioning her as a melting pot and a bridge between diverse cultures.

Language: During your studies you can learn Turkish, which is a subgroup of the Turkic languages spoken by close to 200 million people in the world.

Studying in Turkey will give you a new mindset and new tools for your professional and academic life. It will be an experience you will never forget. 

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