An Essential Study-in-Turkey Checklist

checklist1Nothing gets worse with a couple of tips. It is always good to have a guideline to see where you are going with your studies and life.

Use our checklist to plan your stay in Turkey.

One Year Before:
•    Talk to your family and friends about your plans to study in Turkey. You will need their opinions and support.
•    Search the internet for the programs, cities and universities that you would be interested in studying.
•    Speak to your academic advisor about credit transfer requirements for overseas coursework.
•    Once you know which program you are interested in, consider the costs and the listed application requirements.
•    Apply for scholarships or financial aid or else think about how you will afford your studies and life in Turkey.
•    Talk to people who studied, lived or worked abroad. You can even get in touch with the locals before going to Turkey.
•    Ask for recommendation letters. The professors who know you the best are the perfect ones to ask for recommendation letters.

6 to 9 Months Before:
•    Apply for your passport and visa(s), if needed.
•    Familiarize yourself with the Turkish culture. Soak up on culture books and guides, films, music, food, websites, and anything else related to your soon-to-be host country.

3 to 6 Months Before:
•    Find out about the city you are going to study in.

1 to 3 Months Before:
•    Book your flight. 
•    Notify everyone that depends on you about your departure. Make sure you give plenty of notice to employers, landlords, etc.

A Few Weeks Before:
•    Stock up on any prescription drugs you take. Have your doctor's note authorizing their use (and refills).
•    Buy medical insurance for your time abroad. It is often included in program fees, but it's still best to check.
•    Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to address final concerns about your plans and coursework.
•    Consider giving Power of Attorney to your parents or guardian for financial and legal matters.

checklist21 Week Before:
•    Bring a gift for your host family if you are staying with one.
•    Make multiple copies of all important documents -- leave one set with your parents, another with the study abroad coordinator, and keep one for yourself. This usually includes at least:

o    First pages of passport, as well as any page with country specific visas
o    Credit cards
o    Traveler's checks
o    Student ID, and/or driver's license

•    Make sure you have everyone's phone numbers and addresses - email and otherwise.
•    Start packing. That is, put everything together and then take each and every thing that is just sentimental/non-essential out.

Good luck! 

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