Success and Support Scholarships 2014


Two scholarship schemes were announced by Türkiye Bursları , namely Success Scholarship and Support Scholarship, for a limited number of international students who are currently registered in Turkish universities and who meet the eligibility criteria stated below.

The bursaries are being made available to cover monthly stipend and will only be paid during term time

The value of each monthly scholarship to be paid is:

■350 TL for students in associate and undergraduate programmes,

■ 450 TL for students in Masters programmes,

■ 550 TL for students in PhD programmes.

Applications will be accepted online only and will end by 3rd of October 2014. Online application form will be activated on 15th of September 2014. Online application form will be completely filled out by the applicants and supporting documentation will be uploaded to the application form. Please note that applications delivered by post, courier, or hand will not be accepted.

More information you may find here:

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