Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Graduate and Research Scholarship

tr-bursAnd they all have the purpose of supporting successful and idealistic students who wish to study at the graduate level or to undertake research studies in Türkiye.

Candidates from all over the world can apply for master's, doctoral or research scholarships.

What does this scholarship cover?

Türkiye Scholarships provide the students studying in Türkiye with wide opportunities. With the scholarship granted to you, you can matriculate at a university and utilize the health services of that university without making any payment. In addition, a specific amount of scholarship fee is put into your bank account every month. This amount will be enough to continue your education and enjoy the social facilities in Türkiye freely. Meanwhile, you are provided with housing opportunities as well. Moreover, this scholarship does cover the Turkish language education provided for you before starting your university program and your round trip flight ticket from your country to Türkiye.

Who can apply?

Candidates applying for the "Graduate and Research Scholarship" shall meet the following requirements:

1. Not having Turkish citizenship (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship cannot apply to the Scholarship)

2. They must currently reside in their country of citizenship

3. They must be free of any legal obstacle to study in Türkiye

4. For master's and Ph.D scholarships: Candidates are expected to have graduated or be likely to graduate from an educational institution at undergraduate or master's level equivalent to that of Türkiye in the present academic year.

For research scholarships: Candidates are expected to have passed Ph.D comprehensive exam or received Ph.D degree

5. For master's candidates: Candidates born not earlier than 01.01.1982,

For Ph.D candidates: Candidates born not earlier than 01.01.1977,

For research candidates: Candidates born not earlier than 01.01.1967,

6. Candidates must not have been granted a graduate or research scholarship by a Turkish government institution.

7. Students who are currently studying in a university or a vocational college in Türkiye cannot apply for the same level.

8. Candidates who have completed an undergraduate and/or master's studies in Türkiye must submit a minimum score of 45 on the ALES (Academic Staff and Graduate Education Test) conducted by ÖSYM or its international equivalent deemed acceptable by the selected university.

9. Candidates who choose the universities instructing in English or French must provide the language documents asked by the university that they choose.






How can I apply?

You can apply via the web addresses / / or through the Turkish Embassies or Consulates in your country. Candidates intending to apply via the addresses / /

can easily complete their applications through uploading the required documents to the electronic system. Candidates intending to apply through the Turkish Embassies or Consulates or via mail can complete their application through submitting the required documents to the relevant representative offices until the end of the day of deadline related to application-making period.

Required documents

• Application form (provided on / / or in the Turkish Embassies or Consulates)

• A copy of undergraduate/master's diploma or a document indicating that the candidate is in the last year of study.

• A certified transcript (indicating the courses taken by, and the relevant grades of the candidate)

• For research candidates: those who continue Ph.D study must present a certified document indicating that the applicant has passed Ph.D comprehensive exam; those who have received Ph.D. degree must present certified diploma and transcript

• Research candidates who have received a Ph.D. degree must present a digital copy of their dissertation and a list of academic works.

• A copy of a valid ID card (passport, birth certificate, etc.)

• 1 passport photo.

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Universities Within Scope Of Ali Kuşçu Science And Technology Graduate and Research Scholarship

Akdeniz University

Anadolu University

Ankara University

Ataturk University

Bahcesehir University

Baskent University

Bilkent University

Bogazici University

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University

Cukurova University

Dokuz Eylul University

Ege University

Erciyes University

Eskisehir Osmangazi University

Firat University

Gazi University

Gaziantep University

Gebze Institute of Technology

Hacettepe University

Harran University

İnonu University

İstanbul Technical University

İstanbul Ticaret University

İstanbul University

Izmir Economy University

İzmir Institute of Technology

Kadir Has University

Karadeniz Technical University

Kirikkale University

Kirklareli University

Kocaeli University

Koc University

Marmara University

Mersin University

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Namik Kemal University

Ondokuz Mayis University

Middle East Technical University

Pamukkale University

Sakarya University

Selcuk University

Trakya University

Uludag University

Yildiz Technical University

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